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Robert's Realm of Redundancy
The Crusader Party


Poetry Page
This page is a subdirectory of the opinion page. It will contain the position which the Crusader party takes on various issues. Things which are not really political in nature will continue to be found in the opinion section. I may just change the opinion section into the Crusader party home page but I will hold off on that for now. I will now answer some basic questions which I know some of you are asking.
1. What is the Crusader party?
The Crusader party is a political party of one person, namely me. It is not an official party but it just sounds cool to say that I made a political party. Its goal is to offer an alternative to the way in which the Democrats and the Republicans deal with things.
2. Why did you make your own party?
I made my own party because frankly, I do not agree too much with any of the current political parties. I have some ideas which are traditionally championed by the Democratic party and some which are championed by the Republican party. No matter who I vote for, I am voting for a canidate who I disagree with on a number of issues. Do I expect to agree with a canidate on 100% of issues? Ofcourse not, that is unrealistic. If you want to have a canidate who you agree with on everything, you might as well write your name in and vote for yourself. If there was a canidate who I agreed with on 80% of issues, I would be happy but there seldom is such a canidate. I am also disgusted by the narrow mindedness on the part of both parties. There are those who care more about preserving their political ideology than doing what is best for the people. Is it wrong to be liberal or conservative? Certainly not. But is it wrong to lie about the facts if they do not support your position? Yes it is. Is it wrong to resort to name calling and fear mongering if you are losing a debate? Yes it is. Is it wrong to defend those who behave in dishonorable, dishonest, and disgusting ways just because you agree with their political or social views? I think it is
3. So, if you are too young to run for office and if this is not a real political party, and if only a handful of people will ever see this page, why bother?
Fair question. One of the main purposes of this page is to help me with my own voting choices. This year, there is an election for governor here in California. Both of the leading canidates disgust me. I don't want either of them. I always try to vote so that I have at least some say in government. I don't want to throw that voice away just because neither canidate is appealing. As such, I want to do a break down of what I think on key issues so that I can compare my words against those of Davis and Simon. Then, perhaps I can make the best choice for me. I will look at the canidates from other parties as well to see how their views match up against mine. As for my other reasons for making the Crusader party, well I think it might be fun just be able to spout off and claim that my words are those of a party, LOL.
4. Why Crusader? Are you some kind of racist nut?
I will start off by saying that Crusader was chosen as the name for my party because that is the id I use on several message boards and websites. I chose it because I like the idea of what a Crusader is SUPPOSED to be, not what they were. Let me refer to a definition: crusade -"any energetic movement to remove an evil or improve a situation." I want to think that in a given situation, I would strive to do what is right. In the sense of the party, the party adopts the name because what the party would strive to do is improve society for the people. I acknowledge that I am a mere human and that I can make mistakes as well as anyone. However, that does not mean that I should refrain from striving to better the world and as such, my little party has the same stance.
As for the historical Crusades, I do not condone them. In that situation, the leaders in Europe took advantage of the people and exploited them for their own benefit. The suffering of the people made the leaders wealthy. Anyway, my point is that I do not condone the Crusades. I think the people were truly doing what they thought was right but they were manipulated into thinking so by the powerful.

I will post the party planks in time but I wanted to set things up first.