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Robert's Realm of Redundancy
City of Time
Poetry Page

City of Time


Standing on steps of tribute,

In the city of memory,

where heads reside and rule,

Have ruled and shall rule,

Staring out over a still lake.

A lake of man made for the past,

Reflections of marbled monuments,

Dancing and wavering in the breeze,

Memories of what is gone,

Faltering in minds of those living

Who have not see the red soldiers march,

Who have not seen a four year family quarrel,

Who did not see a limitless frontier,

Who did not fight a world away.

A city remembering for minds that forget

Eyes that do not see,

Ears that do not hear,

Hearts that do not feel

That which was.

Remembrances rippling in ponds of thought,

Fading to nothingness