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Robert's Realm of Redundancy
Poetry Page
Welcome Winter Sunset
It seems that even the Amish are getting their own web pages these days so here is my contribution to the ever expanding collection of web sites which will benefit your life in no way whatsoever. I just opened this site for something to do so from time to time, I will update it.
9-30-03 It has been a while since I did anything with this site. Anyway, I plan to do more work on the books section to make it something that I hope will be of use to some people. I also changed the counter since the old one was messed up and I added a guestbook. No one has ever used the contact page so now everyone has an additional option to ignore me with, ha!
3-8-03 I have done a little bit of work on the links page and will continue to do so as I get time. I should write an opinion one of these days. Perhaps an opinion on my general laziness? I dunno.
10-27-02 More work has been done on my World Series opinion. I obviously have to update it at least one more time since there will be a game 7 but it is one step closer to completion now. I also added a few links to my links page. I will probably add a few more since I have gotten a couple requests from people for me to link to them.
10-23-02 I did a bit more work on the California governor's race opinion. I have pretty well covered my concerns about Davis. I will track down some things on Simon later.
10-22-02 The opinion section actually has a few opinions in it now and I will probably make a few more minor updates in the coming days.
 8-9-02 I did some work on the opinion section. The Crusader party now has a tiny web presence. I have not posted any of the views of the party yet but you might want to check it out and be afraid. The day my party gets even one vote is the day you should lock the doors, pull the curtains, and huddle in your closet in the fetal position.
7-28-02 I actually added an opinion. You might want to check the temperature of the infernal regions to see if it has dramatically dropped overnight. I know I have not done much on the site for two months now but I just did not have much inspiration. I finally got myself moving though. I have a poem in my head which will be written sooner or later and once it is, it will be up. I may get another opinion or two up sometime.
6-1-02 - Added one more poem. I am going to have to do some serious work on other stuff before it is ready for posting. I cleared out much of my old stuff that was worth seeing but I intend to work on revising the rest of it so there will be more in time. Also, I will get around to putting up an opinion or two sooner or later. I just need to figure out what I want to write first.
5-30-02 - I am done with finals! Yay! Anyway, now I have time to work on this thing masquerading as a web site. I have posted another short story and will soon add another poem or two. I will be revising some other things which I am going to put on this site but I do appreciate feedback so contact me if you have any thoughts.
Stealing my stuff is not permitted. If you like it and want to read it over and over again, thats cool but passing it off as your stuff is not cool. Not that my stuff is worth stealing though. If you really like it and want to post something on your site, credit me and all will be nice as this smiley face :)

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