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Below are a list of sites I think you should check out as I rather like them. Do not hold it against these sites for my liking them. This site is a good place for you to learn the truth about DBZ. I bet you thought it was just a kids show. Did you know that it was not intended as such and that in truth, it was actually targeted at teens and older? If not, ye shall use the link or I shall smiteth thee. The site for my favorite baseball team. There you can find info on the Dodgers and links to the other team sites if that kind of thing interests you. I frankly don't know why anyone would want to go to another team's site but you can. Heh. I am kidding. I know that you are probably fond of whoever your local team is and that is a good thing so if you have never seen the site for your team, you can find it at the above link. This is the website for Final Fighting Fantasy. It is a series of awesome flash movies involving the characters from FF1-FF7. If you have ever played any of these games I suggest you check this out. Even if you have not, I still think you should check it out as they are well done. One of my favorite tv shows is Babylon 5 and this site has an awesome image gallery for it. The official site has some images too but they are not as impressive in my opinion. Anyway, if you like the show, I suggest you check out this link and in the interest of fairness, here is a link to the WB site as they were behind the show for 4 of its 5 seasons. TNT supposedly has a site but I could not find it.     Astronomy has long been an interest of mine and this is a good info/news site on whats new. It has articles on various space issues so if you are looking for some info on this field, you should check this site out.
Those who know me from message boards know that on occasion, I plaster links to news articles  all around. I will just post a few links of sites that I check to keep up with the news.
The next two are good sources but you have to sign up to access most of the stories. As it is free, I suggest you do it as the stories are often quite interesting.
Though these days, I primarily check Drudge for my news as it links to many other news sites. Drudge has a reputation for being a conservative site but I am not sure if I would agree with that, as many things that are critical of conservatives are often posted. Check it out for yourself and decide. The collection of links alone makes it a good site.
Here are a few other reference sites I use. This site translates/summarizes news from Middle Eastern media. It often gives insight and viewpoints whicha are not found in Western media. True, some of it is really disturbing but some of it is encouraging as one hear the voices of those calling for positive changes in their countries. I used this link in a paper on the Cambodian Genocide I wrote for a class on modern Southeast Asia. There is a bunch of information here but it can be tough to track down specific things. However, if you want to learn more about this horrible event, I suggest you check it out.
Now I will post links to the personal sites of friends and those who have asked me to put links up. If you want me to link to your site, well send me an e-mail, give me a link and let me know why you should be linked. It is unlikely to bring any more traffic to your site as few people come across my tiny corner of the web but whatever. This site contains a story a friend of mine has been working on. Her story is pretty good despite the fact that I have been giving her some comments on it. If you like epic or sci-fi type stories, or if you like allusions to Greek mythology, I suggest you check her site out.  This site belongs to my good friend, Genn. Another friend's site. It has the GT theme on it. Time to dance! Actually, it had the GT theme but now she puts up a different GT song every now and then. They are still rather catchy so check it out.