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The California Governor's Race
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Like many Californians, I am disgusted by the two major canidates for governor, namely Bill Simon and Gray Davis. Neither one takes a firm stance on issues. They both dodge questions. Davis is more likely than not corrupt, bought, and payed for. Simon has run such an incompetent race that one can legitimately question his ability to accomplish anything in the politics ridden city of Sacremento. On this page, I will collect information on the race and offer my opionion which you shall read since you are here. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay, first off, I want to give you all a link to a story which came out the other day which addresses some of the concerns which people have about Gray Davis. It is a rather long article and I think a fair job was done trying to show both sides of it. However, I still find Davis lacking credibility given the preponderance of incidents like these.
There was a debate between the two canidates which I want to place below. You can get it at the LA Times website. You have to register first though but once you take care of that, you can access the transcript. It is interesting though as of this date, this has been the only debate between the two canidates as Davis has not agreed to anymore of them. In addition, he insisted that this debate take place during the day when most people are at work. Frankly, I think this man is so unpopular that he does not want to be seen as that might give more votes to Simon.
There is another article related to the debate which I want everyone to read. Peter Camejo, the Green Party canidate was not allowed to participate in the debate. The excuse given is that he did not have at least 15% of the public opinion polls which in my opinion is a bunch of garbage. He was not allowed in because Davis was afraid Camejo would take votes away from him. In fact, it is said that if Camejo was allowed to participate, Gray Davis would boycott the debate. Now, while I do not agree with the Green party stance on many issues, they should be allowed into the debate so that the voters can see all of their choices. I think things would be better if the stranglehold which the two major parties had on the electoral process would broken. The canidates and choices offered by the two major parties are all too often poor. Others with new ideas should be given a chance to try to fix things. Anyway, here is the story I mentioned: