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Robert's Realm of Redundancy
To Her
Poetry Page

To Her

To the one,

To the girl that showed me

True kindness.

Following a summer of sorrow,

Now a few years past,

I had been cast aside,

My world in shambles,

Perhaps without truly understanding what she was doing,

She took the ashes of my dying world,

And from them,

She created a new world for me,

Brighter and more filled with hope than the last.

In times when I sat in a prison of darkness,

She became my candle,

Leading me into the light again.

And when a thousand voices

Spoke out to persecute me,

Her voice defended me,

Creating a deep sense of gratitude,

As well as a genuine affection.

But I failed to let her know just how much

I appreciated what she had done,

And through my multiple mistakes,

My countless errors,

My arrogance,

And my sheer incompetence,

I became isolated from her,

And where once feelings of warmth existed,

Icy tendrils of pain sprung up.

And although this time of pain has passed,

That which has been rebuilt

Does not match that which existed before.

Though I know that she will never care for me

In the same way that I cared for her,

And though my heart has accepted this burden,

I still have one hope.

If she could perhaps accept me as a friend,

Despite the mistakes that I have made,

Then I shall find some solace

In that I can finally repay her kindness.

But, if she chooses to move on,

Leaving me once more in sorrow,

I will not be angry,

For I deserve such treatment

And the fault is mine

And mine alone.

Now as I stand at the edge of a great pit,

Leading into the future, I pause,

Unsure of my course of action,

Do I leap into my future?

Or do I turn for one last look at the past?

I try to turn back,

But I slip, and begin to fall.

I try to grab onto something,

Anything to hold me in this time,

This place, for just a while longer.

But nothing is there, and I fall

Unable to return.

Will she remember me?

Will she miss me?

I will remember her.

I will miss her.

This was a poem I wrote a young lady in the closing weeks of high school. It was part of a class assignment but no one in the class knew who it was too. I wanted to keep her identity from others but I did tell her about it. She was flattered but she was not interested in a relationship so that was that. She did appreciate the poem though and as it is one of my better pieces, I posted it here. And to those wondering if I am still pursuing the poor lady, the answer is no. I have written to her a few times just as a friend to see how things were but emotionally, I have moved on, as she did not express any interest in a relationship.